Corruption of Language : Research

It is not far from the truth that language purists insist that the incorrect use of language will lead to its degradation, deterioration and even its disappearance.

However, when we posed a question to finish the sentence – the incorrect use of language will lead to – in the Facebook group, we were astonished by a diversity of humorous answers.

The answers ranged from that the purist’s view is one that such use will lead from anarchy and death to the end of civilization and even physical pain.

The ability to laugh in the face of, in this case, lines that cannot be crossed in one’s own profession, led us to the acceptance that the greatest threat for the corruption of language comes from the keepers of its purity.

Sociologist Raluca Buturoiu, assistant lecturer at College of Communication and Public Relations (NUPSPSA) Bucharest, and Uroš Đurović, a master student from UNESCO Chair for Cultural Policy and Management in Culture & Media, Belgrade conducted in-depth research for each of the Museum departments analyzing academic texts on corruption, public perception of corruption and first 50 entries in Google on corruption in Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.