Corruption of Personality / Research

Happy people do not have to hang on to happiness, while the unhappy will do anything to attain it. According to the research on the corruption of personality, the cankered one and those prone to corruption are not happy. Corruption is a way to reach happiness by the means of power. The power creates an illusion of happiness through control. It is just the face cover for the insecurity.

Based on the Five-Factor Model of personality openness to experience, mindfulness, extroversion, willing to compromise, neuroticism, we can assume why certain people engage in a certain type of corrupt behaviour – either in an interpersonal relationship or in a work-related one.

Sociologist Raluca Buturoiu, assistant lecturer at College of Communication and Public Relations (NUPSPSA) Bucharest, and Uroš Đurović, a master student from UNESCO Chair for Cultural Policy and Management in Culture & Media, Belgrade conducted in-depth research for each of the Museum departments analyzing academic texts on corruption, public perception of corruption and first 50 entries in Google on corruption in Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.