Corruption of Time / Research

Time present and time past

Are both perhaps present in time future,

And time future contained in time past.

If all time is eternally present

All time is unredeemable.


T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton, No. 1 of ‘Four Quartets’


The corruption of time can from the apparent reasons exist only in time framed realities such as human life, for example. Whether or not it happens elsewhere, is the matter of religious and scientific interpretation of time seen either as a dynamic process, where one continuously meets oneself in every life, incognito or from the point of denial of time to its multidimensional manifestations.


Sociologist Raluca Buturoiu, assistant lecturer at College of Communication and Public Relations (NUPSPSA) Bucharest, and Uroš Đurović, a master student from UNESCO Chair for Cultural Policy and Management in Culture & Media, Belgrade conducted in-depth research for each of the Museum departments analyzing academic texts on corruption, public perception of corruption and first 50 entries in Google on corruption in Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.