Museum of Corruption

Museum of Corruption (MoC) is a transnational interdisciplinary platform for researching, contextualizing and displaying a virtual collection of corruption mechanisms, both in legal and in an ethical sense through practical, theoretical and critical assessment using contemporary museology methods. MoC aims to reframe the notion of corruption from abuse of power to the moral inability of individuals to put the wellbeing of the community above their own interest.

Following up on the idea of museums as “cemeteries of art” (as held by Malevich, Soviet Avant-Garde, Italian Futurism) i. e. the places where art ceases to exist by being displaced from real-life contexts, the project intends to, by manipulating the notion of corruption, museum, and contemporaneity, move corruption from real-life situations into a museum setting – and bury it there.

In order to thoroughly research the phenomenology of corruption and its effect, six Museum departments have been established: the corruption of time, language and culture, following by the corruption of data, personality and institution.

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