The Mask
Dragana Nikoletić
Year of production
About This Project
The Mask problematizes the impossibility of ideal identity cover, as seen in popular movies or everyday life. The situation provoked by this work (The Mask) is a depiction of a situational crisis of the art scene often reduced to “give me your money or…”, when one has to literally grab what is needed. Nikoletić “is a classic opportunist, prone to corruption. My art is personal, it bastes all over. Instinctively, I find ways to go in the direction I want, pretending to be naïve. Feeling of guilt is absent very often.” Dragana Nikoletić (b.1966) in Belgrade. In 1993 she discontinued her studies of art to make a career as a freelance journalist. After 2015 she continued her MA studies at Faculty of Fine Arts. dragana.nikoleta@gmail.com