Logo for Museum of Corruption
Luntu Gaylard
Year of production
About This Project
This animation is done by a 10-year-old girl, exclusively for the Museum of Corruption. She is having Weet Bix. Incorruptible breakfast. "How did I come to be animating this logo? Well, Goran came to South Africa, Johannesburg, to do some research for his Museum of Corruption project. So coming to stay with us, which was a pretty nice coincidence as I thought we could talk while I studied and did homework and he worked. Although as a surprise, we got along better than I thought... as we were both into digital art and animation. So I’m pretty sure we joked around about doing a logo animation for Museum of Corruption, but he started believing that I could actually do exactly that, make an animation. I started thinking about the pros of this project that I was pretty sure I was going to do for Goran, and my final decision was fully final. I was going to do it, and so he gave me the resources for the animation and a description of what he wanted the animation to look like. With all the information I was ready to do a project that I had to do my best on as the thought of being on the page of a website sounded like something a ten-year-old could never normally accomplish, and if this animation was going to do good, I would be that ten-year-old. This animation is probably the animation I put the most effort into, and took the longest time, especially with school work and studying to be done at the same time. So when I was done, I was extremely proud of the finished four-second animation. When I gave this to Goran, there were so many thoughts going around in my head, ‘Will it be good enough?’ ‘What if they don’t like it?’ ‘What if I made an animation error?’ but it seems I don’t have to worry about that any more... so I just want to say, thank you."