Goran Denić
Digital print, 27x26cm
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About This Project
 "Post and following comments by Goran Denić will only get a meaningful and effective answer through state court prosecution we intend to initiate and where the appointee would have an opportunity, but also the legal obligation to prove his allegations indisputably or to be subject to prosecution according to the Criminal Code of Montenegro. We are convinced that this procedure can lead only to - establishing that this is an attempt to organizational and personal discredit - CCE and the executive director of CCE, given that the facts and evidence and thus the law are on our side". Daliborka Uljarević, executive director of CCE February 24th, 2018. Center for Civic Education - CGO/CCE in response to the Facebook post where Goran Denić exposed Daliborka U. of the abuse of the original Museum of Corruption concept in the project "Let`s Put Corruption in the Museum!" We informed Montenegreen public, EU Delegation in Montenegro and the European Commission about our "Let`s Put CGO-CCE in the Museum" ongoing initiative. In order to protect the integrity of the Museum of Corruption and to prevent any further misuse of the original concept, we included CGO/CCE among the Museum’s exhibits.